Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to apply SAP patch on SAP server

Some people ask me how to apply SAP patch level on Production SAP system. Actually it is possible. But it is high risk task. It is better you apply them when no user is logging in to your system.

OK, here is the step by step.

1. Make sure that you have download all SAP patch you need to be applied.
2. Apply SAP Basis Component (SAP_BASIS - usually named SAPKBxxxxx) and Cross-Application Component (SAP_ABA - usually named SAPKAxxxxx) first. And also from my experience and some best practice, apply them on the same patch level. For example when you're applying SAPKB62059 then apply SAPKA62059 too.
3. Consult to your functional consultant and functional team before applying Logistics and Accounting component (SAP_APPL - usually named SAPKXxxxxx). I repeat this warning again. Consult first before applying because this patches will affect to your customizing setting. If you're not sure about this, then don't apply them.
4. Use DDIC user to apply and login to client 000. Start from your Development server.
5. Last thing, pray...

I hope this few tips will help you.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to define backup strategy on SAP R3 based system

Backup your backup strategy ? Its sound cool...huh. But actually, this is hard thing to do. As SAP Basis which usually also work as DBA, you cannot decide this by yourself. You'll need to manage this through deal with other people from different department and also from your company management. May be you'll think like this.

Why do I have to get permission from other department ? Why not just from IT Manager and Company Management ?

This is complex job and all people on your company rely on your IT system. When this system is down, all of them will get the effect. All you need is to define precise backup strategy. Few things need to consider before deciding backup strategy such as :

1. How many hours that your company will compromise about downtime ? 1 hour ? 5 hours ? a days ? Check this !
2. How many hours do you need to restore your data ? Check your tape backup speed to restore. Do this regularly for example once in 3 months.
3. How many budget do you have to perform this backup strategy ? Backup tape and backup drive also has its limitation on read and write activities.

This just few things need to consider. You can found differently on your company. Depend on your company policy.