Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Problems regarding SAPGUI history

SAPGUI has a handy feature that remembers fields contents, This is pretty useful especially when loging into SAP. I simply type the first letter of my UserID, press the Arrow-Down key and finally press ENTER. There ya go, my whole userID is typed for me.
Unfortunately, sometimes SAP stops showing old entries. Here’s how to troubleshoot this:
Basic steps:
- Press ALT-F12 (or click the color-monitor icon)
- Choose OPTIONS
- Click on the LOCAL DATA tab.
- Make sure that History is set to ON
- Make sure that Directory for Local Data really exists. if unsure, change that to C:
- If anything was changed, click on OK, stop your all SAPGUI sessions and do not forget to shutdown SAPLOGON (or SAPLOGON PAD)
- restart SAPGUI/SAPLOGON and check if all works
- in SAPLOGON, click once on the entry you wish to connect
- Click on CHANGE ITEM
- Click on ADVANCED
- Make sure that LOW-SPEED CONNECTION is not checked.
Corrupted MDB
- in the directory “Directory for Local data” found in Alt-F12, You should find a SAPhistory*.MDB and SAPhistory*.LDB files, these may be corrupted.
Close down SAPGUI and SAPLOGON
- Delete all these files
- Note that all history will be lost but it may re-enable the functionnality
Corrupted DAO files
- SAPGUI uses the MsJet Access database engine to store history. These files may get ruined by another application.
- possible solution is to re-install SAPGUI from scratch
- other possibility is to re-install DAO. These files are available in the DAO35 or DAO36 folder of the SAPGUI installation CD. You can also get it Here
Additional steps
- Make sure that SAPGUI is fully patched
- read OSS Note 199527.
- try rebooting your PC!


Anonymous said...

Thanks it has worked!

Ronak Agrawal said...

Hey i faced this issue when we moved from GUI 730 to 740 and the above mentioned steps did not work.
I somehow managed to restore the history by below method:
1. Deleted the files inside the history folder.
2. Created a new folder in my name inside it.
3. In the sap logon pad , navigated to Options-> histor->name of new folder and pressed apply.
4. SAP started creating new files in it.

Problem got solved :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answers,, It really worked for me.
Just deleted the History folder itself, SAP automatically created a new History folder and the history starts working perfectly again.

Christoph Müller said...

on our clients this fix it only temporary. But the problem appears again after 1 or 2 days, and the history is again extremely slow or doesnt work.
We're using Win10 (x64) + SAP GUI 7.40 (PL 7) and Microsoft Office 2013 (32-Bit)

I also found this SAP-message "199527 Eingabe Historie für SAP GUI für Windows" (german).
But also this does not solve the problem for us, maybe for you.

Any other suggestions?

Ramya k said...

Thanks for the great information ,was looking for this information from long.Great blog SAP Basis Training in Chennai

Shahzad Ahmad said...

Thanks for the helpful information. I spent almost full day to resolve this issue, and i got succeeded because of your blog. Really Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude...deleting the mdb files worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Ronak solution worked for me. Thankyou Ronak.

Alimazhar Bohra said...

Perfect Solution. I was facing this problem since past 2 weeks and now finally it is solved. Even my SAP support team was also not able to fix this issue. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.