Friday, December 30, 2011

SAP R/3 dispatcher and work processes

Types of work processes:
Message : Coordinates the communication between different instances of a single SAP R/3 system. Used for Logon purpose and load balancing.
Dispatcher : Redirect the request from GUI client to free process.
Dialog : Interpreting the ABAP code and execute the business logic. Used for interactive online processing.
Batch : For Background jobs.
Enqueue : Single “Central Lock Management Service” that controls the locking mechanism between the different application servers and the database.
Update : Responsible for consistency in asynchronous data changes.
Gateway : Used for transport of bigger amount of data between application servers as well as external (non SAP) systems that communicate with SAP.


PatchMe said...


You left one WP. i.e. Spool..
Better if you add some info for this as well.


Ramya k said...

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