Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Client Copy (SAP)

Remote Client Copy from X to Y
1.  Create New Logical System Name
e.g. CLNTXXX (new client number)
2. Create a new client
Fill in the fields with the relevant information for the new client e.g. client number XXX
3.  Offline – backup
To be on the safe side check if backup has been performed before start of client copy.
4. Turn off archiving for Oracle
To avoid archive full errors during the client copy operation
5.  Login to the new client XXX with user sap* and password= pass
Fill in all information needed e.g. Client Copy profile “SAP_ALL”
Check SAP Marked Place for more options
Check “Expert Settings”, e.g. locking of users, parallel processing etc. etc.
6.  Check the Status for Client Copy
After the Client Copy
7. Turn on Archiving for Oracle
8. Perform backup
9. Lock the client for changes
TR SCC4 (only necessary if production)
10. Edit parameter Default Client (optional)
Correct the parameter for the Default client setting towards the new client

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