Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some simple UNIX commands used for SAP administration

UNIX commands used for SAP administration:
1. stopsap/startsap for stopping/starting SAP+ DB, stopsap r3/startsap r3 for stopping/starting R3
2. Cdpro for checking the profiles path SAPMNT//profile
3. Cdexe for checking the kernel folder
4. find . -name filename -print for checking the file in the present directory
5. dpmon pf= , jcmon pf=
6. df -k, bdf for checking all file system usages; df -k ., bdf. for individual file usages
7. ls -lrt for listing of files according to the date modified
8. du -a | sort -k 1n,1 for sorting the files in a recursive manner.
9. h for listing previous used commands.
10. rm < file> for removing file, gzip for zipping the file.
11. Ps -ef is to check the how many running process and Kill any running process
12. gunzip to unzip file
13. tar -xvzf file name to run the zip folder of file content
14. mv mo from one path to another
15. Rf remove forcifully any file
16. Make command to effect any coading content
17. make clean to clean the effect of make command
18. cp coppy from one location to another
19. pwd check the current directory


unix grep examples said...

Nice post. You can also combine uniq command with sort to filter out all the duplicates. See 5 example of sort command in unix for more details

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Here is my blog containing some basic UNIX commands.

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