Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to check BRTOOLS version

Some SAP Basis newbies ask me about how to know which version they are using right now. Although I am not SAP Basis expert, I'll try to get information to you.
You can follow this step :

Enter your SAP system on OS. You can use root (for UNIX/Linux) and Administrator (on Windows system). I am going to guide you on UNIX/Linux only system.

Switch you user to ora[sid] user :

#su - oraids

Type this command :

>brtools -V

You'll see something like this :

host:oraids 1> brtools -V
BR0651I BRTOOLS 6.40 (40)

Patch Date Info

36 2006-01-11 Small functional enhancements in BR*Tools (note 914174)
38 2006-03-29 BR*Tools support for MDM databases (note 936665)
40 2006-08-30 Wrong message numbers in BR*Tools 6.40 (note 976755)

release note 680046
kernel release 640
patch date 2006-08-30
patch level 40
make platform hpia64
make mode OCI_920
make date Sep 5 2006

host:oraids 2>

As you can see that I am using BRTOOLS version 6.40 and have patch level 40. I am using HP-UX on Itanium platform 64 bit. Now, check your own BRTOOLS version.

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