Monday, April 9, 2012

SAP idle session time out / Logging off inactive users

Logging off the inactive users is not set up by default. Setting up the feature of logging off the users improves the security as unattended terminals do not stay active indefinitely.
To activate automatic logging off, do the following:
  • Go to Profile Maintenance by choosing Tools --> CCMS --> Configuration  --> Profile Maintenance or the transaction RZ11.
  • Maintain the parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout. Enter the required number of seconds of inactivity before the user is logged off automatically.
To deactivate automatic logoff, delete the parameter from the profile(s) or set the value '0'.


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Jan Krohn said...

Thanks that helped. Got us in the right direction to find parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout to set timeout for http sessions as well.

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Zaied said...

Unit :
Thanks for the post.
The value can be specified with minutes or H hours also.
Examples: 300 for 300 seconds; 2M for 2 minutes; 3H for 3 hours.

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Zelderminator said...

Hi, We have a different problem...although the parameters are correctly defined the user sessions don't end and are kept alive indefinitely. Does anyone of you had this kind of problem?
Thanks in advance

Neha Mahto said...

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ashish suri said...


Thanks for the post.
Can you please help me to set the same for NWBC or similar log off post inactivity time, set somewhere ( in some parameter of some transaction ) for http ( web URl ).

I need to auto-logoff http page after the timeout set in the backend.

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