Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Problems regarding SAPGUI history

SAPGUI has a handy feature that remembers fields contents, This is pretty useful especially when loging into SAP. I simply type the first letter of my UserID, press the Arrow-Down key and finally press ENTER. There ya go, my whole userID is typed for me.
Unfortunately, sometimes SAP stops showing old entries. Here’s how to troubleshoot this:
Basic steps:
- Press ALT-F12 (or click the color-monitor icon)
- Choose OPTIONS
- Click on the LOCAL DATA tab.
- Make sure that History is set to ON
- Make sure that Directory for Local Data really exists. if unsure, change that to C:
- If anything was changed, click on OK, stop your all SAPGUI sessions and do not forget to shutdown SAPLOGON (or SAPLOGON PAD)
- restart SAPGUI/SAPLOGON and check if all works
- in SAPLOGON, click once on the entry you wish to connect
- Click on CHANGE ITEM
- Click on ADVANCED
- Make sure that LOW-SPEED CONNECTION is not checked.
Corrupted MDB
- in the directory “Directory for Local data” found in Alt-F12, You should find a SAPhistory*.MDB and SAPhistory*.LDB files, these may be corrupted.
Close down SAPGUI and SAPLOGON
- Delete all these files
- Note that all history will be lost but it may re-enable the functionnality
Corrupted DAO files
- SAPGUI uses the MsJet Access database engine to store history. These files may get ruined by another application.
- possible solution is to re-install SAPGUI from scratch
- other possibility is to re-install DAO. These files are available in the DAO35 or DAO36 folder of the SAPGUI installation CD. You can also get it Here
Additional steps
- Make sure that SAPGUI is fully patched
- read OSS Note 199527.
- try rebooting your PC!


Anonymous said...

Thanks it has worked!

Ronak Agrawal said...

Hey i faced this issue when we moved from GUI 730 to 740 and the above mentioned steps did not work.
I somehow managed to restore the history by below method:
1. Deleted the files inside the history folder.
2. Created a new folder in my name inside it.
3. In the sap logon pad , navigated to Options-> histor->name of new folder and pressed apply.
4. SAP started creating new files in it.

Problem got solved :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answers,, It really worked for me.
Just deleted the History folder itself, SAP automatically created a new History folder and the history starts working perfectly again.

Christoph Müller said...

on our clients this fix it only temporary. But the problem appears again after 1 or 2 days, and the history is again extremely slow or doesnt work.
We're using Win10 (x64) + SAP GUI 7.40 (PL 7) and Microsoft Office 2013 (32-Bit)

I also found this SAP-message "199527 Eingabe Historie für SAP GUI für Windows" (german).
But also this does not solve the problem for us, maybe for you.

Any other suggestions?

Ramya k said...

Thanks for the great information ,was looking for this information from long.Great blog SAP Basis Training in Chennai

Shahzad Ahmad said...

Thanks for the helpful information. I spent almost full day to resolve this issue, and i got succeeded because of your blog. Really Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude...deleting the mdb files worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Ronak solution worked for me. Thankyou Ronak.

Alimazhar Bohra said...

Perfect Solution. I was facing this problem since past 2 weeks and now finally it is solved. Even my SAP support team was also not able to fix this issue. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

karthik murarisetty said...


Do we have a same concept for net viewer login?

If yes where should we change the setting?

Karthik M