Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to receive email into SAP using SMTP

1. Complete the tasks in “Sending email out of SAP using SMTP”.
2. Using transaction RZ10, add these parameters to your instance profile:
icm/server_port_<*> = PROT=SMTP,PORT= is/SMTP/virt_host_<*> = ,…;
The second parameter is only necessary if you are going to have multiple clients in the same SAP system receiving email. Here is an example of how these parameters can be configured:
rdisp/start_icman = true
icm/server_port_2 = PROT=SMTP,PORT=25000,TIMEOUT=180 icm/server_port_3 = PROT=SMTP,PORT=25001,TIMEOUT=180 is/SMTP/virt_host_0 = *:25000;
is/SMTP/virt_host_1 = *:25001;
If multiple clients in your SAP system need to receive External email, your must create a unique is/SMTP/virt_host_<*> parameter for each client.
3. Using transaction SU01, create a SAPEmail system user with the S_A.SCON profile. And make sure all the users who will be receiving email have a valid email address in their SU01 profile.
4. Using transaction SICF, each client to receive email must be assigned an SMTP server. There is one already provided as a template. If only one client will be receiving email you only need to use the template. Make these changes:
a.Change the Host Data to contain the proper Profile Parameter Number. See step 2.
b.Change the Logon Data to contain the information about the user created in step 3.
c.Change the Handler List to SMTP_EXT_SAPCONNECT on line 1.
5. Save your changes, deactivate the SAPconnect service andthen re-activate it.


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