Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to do a SAP System Copy

Step by step for SAP System Copy.
1. Take offline backup of both the server (source and target servers)
2. Verify the backup is successfully done.
3. Run the following command on source system.
a. Login as adm
b. svrmgrl
c. connect internal
d. alter database backup controlfile to trace;
e. exit;
f. Above command will generate a .trc file in /oracle/P01/saptrance/usertrace directory.
g. Copy the text from CREATE CONTROLFILE until the (;) and paste it in to any new .sql or controlfile.sql file.
h. Copy the controlfile.sql to target system..
i. Edit the file and replace the entire source SID to target SID.
j.. Edit the reuse database command with the set database command
4. Copy the generated during the backup file from the source system to target system. (/oracle//sapbackup)
a. Change all the source to target .
b. Only don’t change the backup volume name it must be target system .
c. Copy the above aft file name line from the source back.log to target.log file.
5. Shutdown the target server instance.
6. From this onwards all the command on the target system only.
a. Login as Orasid
b. run the brtools
c. select Restore/Recovery
d. select Full restore and recovery
e. select Select backup type
f. Select the offline backup which you want to restore.
g. It will take some time to restore.
h. Once the database is restored login as orasid and run the
i. svrmgrl
j. connect internal;
k. startup nomount (if the database is already mounted shutdown it using the shutdown command)
l. run the following command
m. @controlfile.sql (file name of the control file contains the CREATE CONTROLFILE statement)
n. After the run the above command it should give the “Statement Processed)
o. alter database open resetlogs
p. shutdown
q. Start the database and SAP services using startup.
7. After this you have to reconfigure the STMS.
8. All the jobs also you have to reconfigure and reschedule.
9. Reconfigure all the printers.
10. If you want to change the Client number then use the local copy tool and remove the original client after successful import to new client.


Sudipto Mitra said...

IS this Homogeneous System copy or heterogeneous system copy ?

Sudipto Mitra said...

Is this Homogeneous System copy or heterogeneous system copy ?

Ramya k said...

Thanks for the great information ,was looking for this information from long.Great blog SAP Basis Training in Chennai