Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to "kill" a work process

Stopping Run-Away or “Bad” Work Processes
1. Log on to any client in the appropriate SAP system.
2. Go to transaction SM50.
3. On the Process Overview screen, find the process which must be
stopped. Place a √ in the □ to the left of the process number
to be stopped by pressing Space. On the top-most menu bar,
click the Process → Cancel without core.
4. Click the blue arrow circle picture-icon to refresh the Process
Overview screen until the stopped process has cleared from the
5. You may now leave the SM50 transaction.
If this does not kill the process, you can go to transaction SM04 and kill the user’s session. If this does not kill the process, you can log on to the server, open a Task Manager session, and End the Process. If this does not kill the session, there is an executable in the RUN directory on the server called sapntkill.exe. Run it providing the process ID number. If none of the above work, you have no choice but to “bounce” the SAP instance and/or possibly the serve.


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