Monday, January 23, 2012

Email Configuration(Sending Mail from SAP)

Steps to Sending Internet Mail from SAP R/3
As of SAP Web Application Server 6.10, the SAP system’s kernel supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) directly, meaning that e-mails can be exchanged between the SAP system and any SMTP-compliant mail server without the need for any additional external components.
SAP OSS Note 455140 can be referred for Configuring Internet Mail in SAP R/3 WAS 6.10 and above & the following steps are to be followed for the same;
Changing Profile Parameter (Txn RZ10)
Following 2 parameters to be included in the instance profile Parameters
is/SMTP/virt_host_0 = *:25000
icm/server_port_0 = PROT=SMTP,PORT=25000
Save/Activate the Profile & R/3 Instance to be stopped/Started
User Creation (Txn SU01)
This user will be used for the process of sending outbound e-mail from SAP R/3, as a background process.
User ID mailadmin user to be created with profile S_A.SCON & type is System User.
Client Assignment (Txn SICF)
In transaction SICF, there should be one SMTP server (called SAPconnect) supplied in every SAP system. Use this one for the first client then create (if required) an additional SMTP server for each additional client. Following settings are to be done;
Host data
Profile Parameter No. : 0
Service data
Client & user details entered (say client 100 with user mailadmin)
Handler list
Entered CL_SMTP_EXT_SAPCONNECT as item 1.
As of SAP Web AS 6.20, each SMTP server has to be activated (Service/Virt. Host ® Activate) after being created or changed.
SAPconnect Administration (Txn SCOT)
Make the SAPconnect settings in each client that is to be used to send communications.
There is always one SMTP node in each client. This node is created by the SAP system and cannot be deleted. To configure the node for sending Internet mail,
Ensure you are in the Node view.
Double-click on the node name.
Select Node in use.
Specify the mail server (to which outbound mails are to be passed in Mail Host and
Mail Server : mailservername
Port : 25
Choose Set adjacent to Internet.
Specify the address areas of recipient addresses that are to be reached via this node. This is usually * if all e-mails are to be sent using SMTP. Enter output formats for SAP documents. The following settings are recommended here:
SAPscript/Smart Forms : PDF
Business Object/Link : HTM
RAW Text : TXT
Default domain should be given as follows
Txn SCOT à Menu Option à Settings à Default Domain à
E-mails sent from an SAP application are merely put into a queue. A periodic background process, known as the SAPconnect send job, takes the e-mails from this queue and sends them via the Internet. To schedule this job from SAPconnect administration, you:
Choose View ® Jobs.
If there is not already a job scheduled, choose Job ® Create.
Enter a job name “SEND INTERNET MAIL” and confirm.
Select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL by placing the cursor on it.
Choose Schedule Job.
Choose Schedule Periodically.
Enter an appropriate time period, such as 30 minutes.
Choose Create.

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