Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to activate Industry Specific Solutions and Short Text Conversion

A.Activating Industry Specific Solutions Like(IS OIL, IS RETAIL, IS MILL, IS MEDIA):
1) Go to T-code SPRO.
2) Click On SAP Reference IMG button.
3) Check for Activate SAP ECC Extension
4) Select Business Function Set as SAP oil and Gas.
5) Change Status Of All the business function to ON.
6) Accept Prompt For LicenseSO Add-on Has been Activated…(Running in background)
B. Short Text Conversion:
While SAP ECC or SAP R/3 uses terms that are linked to its industry sectors (material and plant in production, article and site in SAP Retail), in other components you will find the more universally-employed terms product and location.
1) Log on to your SAP system, client 000 as user SAP*.
2) Start report RSBRAN03 and fill the selection fields as follows:
All other fields remain default.
3)Run the report in background (F9).
4) After the job finished, reset the text buffers by entering /$SYNC in the command line.
Please note: Resetting buffers can significantly change the performance of the entire system. Nevertheless the reset of the buffers is necessary.
5) Please note that the report must be executed in every system separately.
Do not check CL_FORCE and UP_FORCE because they are reserved for SAP internal services.

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