Sunday, January 8, 2012

SAP ECC6 EHP3 Upgrade

1. Download EHP3 patches using solution manager mopz.
2. upgrade latest kernel, tp and r3trans.
3. extend the file system /usr/sap/trans – 25 GB and tablespace should not be full.
4. uncar all the addons and patches and put it in EPS/in.
5. transaction SAINT start
6. select all the components including addon patches.
7. ddic activation phase errors solve using the note no:1083533
DDIC Activation
- Activation errors may occur that can be solved by repeating the
activation phase. If errors occur, try to correct them.
- The following activation errors cannot be solved by repeating
the activation phase. For these, proceed as follows:
“Indexes 001 and KEY for table PFO_GO_00IS have identical
In transaction SE11, call the table PFO_GO_00IS in change mode,
and choose the menu ‘Go to -> Indexes’. In the dialog box that
is then displayed, select the index ‘KEY’ and choose ‘Delete
Index’. Do not activate Index 001 or the table, but continue
with the import in transaction SAINT. A corrected version of
this table is delivered with EA-APPL 603 Support Package 01.
8. Complete the installation.

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