Friday, March 16, 2012

Daily SAP Server Monitoring Transaction Codes

SM50 All WP should be either in Waiting or Running condition
OS01 _______ number of presentation server
_______ number of Application Servers

SICK Look for No errors (If any rectify)
ST06 CPU User Utilization _____
System Utilization _____
CPU Idle _____
User + System CPU Utilization should not exceed 65%

Load Average ___ Number of waiting for CPU should be <= 3
Pages in/second ___ Should be less(<=) 5%

Physical Memory Available _______
Physical Memory Free _______ Should be >20% of Physical
Check that the Disk Queue Length does not exceed 5 by performing the following:
Click the ‘Detail Analysis Menu’ button.
Previous Hours
Disk Review the Queue Length
Page file Ensure PageFile Utilization < 10%

ST03 Click ‘This Application Server’ -> Last Minute Load
Enter ’120 minutes’.
Avg Response Time (<100000 ms Bkg, 2,000ms Dia/Upd)
Bgd:_____ Dialog: _____ Upd: _____
Avg Wait Time (<5% Response Time, waiting on WP)
Bgd:_____ Dialog: _____ Upd: _____
Avg Load Time <5% response Time)
Bgd:_____ Dialog: _____ Upd: _____
Avg Roll Time (<10% Response Time)
Bgd:_____ Dialog: _____ Upd: _____
Avg DB Request Time (<50% Response time)
Bgd:_____ Dialog: _____ Upd: _____
Avg CPU Time (<30% response time, 60% bkg OK)
Bgd:_____ Dialog: _____ Upd: _____

AL16 (or Via ST06)
OS Alerts: _______
Worst Queue Length: _______
Error/Collisions: _______

ST07: Number of Users – Logged in : _______
Active: _______
In a Work Process: _______
SM12 Look for any ‘old’ locks
(Clear ‘user name’.’no lock entries found’ desired, other list here. _________
SM37 Ensure no jobs have been cancelled/abended
(clear ‘user name’ ands ‘job name’, then insert * in each of these, and in ‘Job Status’ tab, select only ‘Canceled’)
SP01 Ensure that no print jobs is waiting for more thab an hour (* in ‘Created by’):
ST04 Data cache % Quality Hit ratio >96%
Procedure cache % Quality Hit ratio >96%
ST02 In the SWAPS Column, ensure nothing is displayed in ‘red’,
or note : ______
DB02 Size (Total) of Database :
Used :
Should be less than 85%
Otherwise increase TableSpace

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