Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hardware Migration

· Download required software and patches from service market place
· Compare filesystem space with source system database
· Set page memory
Actions on Target server
· Install Oracle RDBMS software
· Apply RDBMS patch to the source patch level
· Install SAP NW2004 with ABAP content
· Install Java add in on ABAP
· Request and Install SAP license for new hardware
· Start J2EE on new server
· Upgrade Kernel to the source patch level
· Take full backup of database
· Take java filesystem backup
· Bring down target server along with DB
· Stop all the services related to oracle and SAP
· Delete data from sapdatas , origlogs and mirrlogs in target system
Actions on source server
· Request Downtime for source server
· Suspend jobs using report btctrns1 in source server
· Bring down application along with DB in source server
· Stop all services related to Oracle and SAP in source server
· Start zipping of sapdatas, origlogs and mirrorlogs
· Zip J2EE filesystem j2EE,SCS, SYS folders.
· Copy the zipped data manually via Wan to target server
Actions on target server
· Unzip the zipped files and place or overwrite them according to the structure
· Change hostname in ABAP according to SAP note 8307
· Change hostname in RZ70
· Change hostname in j2ee config tool according to SAP note 757692
· Start DB,
· Delete source ops$ users and recreate for target server and change the password
· Start SAP and J2EE
· Re Install SAP license
· Reconfigure SMLG,RZ10,RZ04,RZ12, DB13 etc.. accordingly
· Check RFC connections and reconfigure if required
· Reconfigure STMS
· Reconfigure SLD and JCO destinations using visual admin tool.
· Restart cluster for changes to be affected
· Check SLD and portal
· In SLD change hostname in profile and server settings if required
· Reschedule jobs using report btctrns2
· Configure backup strategy
· Take full database backup along with J2EE filesystem.


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