Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to install and configure SAP Webdispatcher

1) Download SAP WEBDISPATCHER executables from service market place under SAP NETWEAVER --> SAP NETWEAVER 04 -->Binary Patches -->SAP KERNEL (32/64Bit, unicode/non-unicode) --> -->Database Independent. Here you can download the kernel packet DW.SAR, this contains the SAP Web dispatcher (sapwebdisp).

2) Create a new directory in G:/usr/sap as sapwebdispatcher

3) Copy files sapwebdisp and icmadmin.SAR into this directory from downloaded DW.SAR

4) Extract icmadmin.SAR using SAPCAR

5) Generation of profile for the first time run command

G:\usr\sap\sapwebdisp>sapwebdisp –bootstrap

6) Then provide input as prompted



Instance number for SAP Webdispatcher = 11

HTTP Port number for SAP WebDispatcher=8011

create configuration for Small(S)

7) It will generate Auth file icmauth.txt

8) Note down the user name and password from that window itself

9) Sapwebdisp.pfl,Add another line for redirecting URLs(Example for EP)

icm/HTTP/admin_0= PREFIX/sap/wdisp/admin,DOCROOT=./admin,AUTHFILE=icmauth.txt

icm/http/redirect_0 = /prefix=/, TO=/irj/portal,port 51100,HOST=EPHOST

10) Now start the WEBDISPATCHER using

sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl - auto_restart

Now we can access portal using webdispatcher server

11) Now we can access portal using webdispatcher server



Tani said...

Nice way explain how to install and configure SAP webdispatcher.This SAP ERP is especially designed on technical field such as SAP Basis/NetWeaver concepts.

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Sap Nwnewbie said...

After installation, one has to replace all the URLs to the SAP system to use the web dispatcher URL instead of the direct link. Otherwise, the load balancing will be skewed.

You can also use web dispatcher as link shortner by using aliases

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