Thursday, November 17, 2011

Change Data In Table Without Authorization Using Transaction se16

There is a way to change entries of a table with SE16 even if you don’t have the authorization:
Go in SE16, enter your table Name (ex: USR02). Display the entry (or entries) you want to modify.
When you have your entry, write ‘/h’ to go in debug mode. Cross the line you want to modify and press F7 (display function). Here, you are in the code… Press F7 again to skip some code…
Now you should see the code:
Refresh Exclude_Tab.
If Code = ‘SHOW’.
Set Titlebar ‘TAB’ With Name ‘anzeigen’(100).
Elseif Code = ‘EDIT’.
Change the value from SHOW to EDIT, click Change FLD Contents, and press F8…
or to delete an entry
Change the value from SHOW to DELE, click Change FLD Contents, and press F8…
Here we are… You can change the value to what you want, and don’t forget to save!


Anonymous said...

I use another way:
1) go to tcode SE37,
3) set import params:
4) press F8.
P.S. Change data in such way if you really, really, REALLY need it.

knolworx said...

There's also a method using transaction SE16N, described here:
However this only works up until EhP5.

Ramya k said...

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