Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to modify SAP System Parameter

1. Log on to any client in the appropriate SAP system.
2. Go to transaction RZ10.
3. On the Edit Profiles screen, select the _DVEBMGS00_SAP Profilefrom the dropdown, or whatever instance profile you need to change. In theEdit profile section, click the radio button to the left of Extended maintenance. Click the Change button.
4. On the Maintain R/3 Profile screen, locate the parameter that needs to be changed in the Parameter name column. Change the matching value underParameter value to the new value. Click the Copy button. Click the white arrow on green picture-icon.
5. On the Edit Profiles screen, click the Save picture-icon.
6. On the Save profile popup, click the No button.
7. On the Activate profile popup, click the Yes button.
8. On the Edit Profiles popup, click the green √ button.
9. On the Caution! Caution! Caution! popup, click the green √ button.
10. If you receive a Possible Inconsistencies in OP Modes screen, double click over the unless you are unsure of why this message has been displayed.
11. You will not get a confirmation message. You may now leave the RZ10transaction.

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