Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steps to Configure Bar Code Printing from SAP

1. Download barcode.dll file from website http://www.e-bizco.com

2. Install the barcode.dll file in the system, by either running the Setup program or copying the barcode.dll file in the directory where saplpd.exe (SAP Printer Daemon) File exists or in the Windows directory (c:\windows or c:\windows\system32).

3. Check whether the SAP Printer Daemon (SAPLpd) is sensing barcode.dll file or not by starting the SAP Printer Daemon. It will show in the log.

4. Configure Front End printer using the Transaction Code : SPAD
a. with Device Type “SWIN” or a copy “ZSWIN”

b. Access Method “F: Printing on Front End Computer” or “S: Print Using SAP Protocol”

6. Test the printer by printing the Bar Code, whether it works or not ?

7. If you get some Extra text "bC=PSN9,B=65,H=3,A=0,D=" in the printout in place of the Barcode.

Then the reason is because some R/3 releases have a broken device type SWIN. Please copy SWIN to ZSWIN and change the print control SBS01: The text field shall be empty. Atributes "Extended" and "Converted" are OK.

8. Other Errors, please refer the URL

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Jone Duff said...

Thanks! I'm try to print bar code in vb.net. This tutorial give me a guide of how to do that, it helps a lot.