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Basic SAP NetWeaver Installation Steps (NW 640)

1. Before that download the installation guide from the and read it properly before the installation is started.
2. Prepare the OS as described in the installation Guide.
3. Install ABAP Central Instance (CI)
4. Install Database (chose the number of parallel process at an optimal level (which can be maximum up to 8, default is 3). It depends on the system resources (processors and memory in the Server).
5. Install additional Dialog Instances ABAP
6. Client Creation (using Tx Code SCC4) (UID/Password : sap* / pass)
7. Client Copy from 000 to a new client. (There will only be 2 clients initially after a fresh installation. 066 and 000).
8. Install an Add-on Java to Central Instance (CI) to the newly created client (java has no client concept in JAVA Stack), here it will install the Central Service (CS) instance (MS, ES) and also will install Dispatcher, Server process and SDM.
9. Install Add-on Java to other ABAP Dialog Instance (It will install only Dispatcher and Server process) also note that only one Server process (server0) will created when the instance is initially installed, for scaling up a new server process (server1) can be added separately after installation.
10. Decide on the Option of User Management, it could be either centrally or distributed.
Central – can be handled in the ABAP stack. (using Tx Code SU01 / PFCG) and distributed would use Java’s User Management Stack (UME) for user management.
11. Changes to JVM parameters to the Java Stack (dispatcher, server process(es)) are made after installation. The first step in the post installation steps is to run the template Configurator. It will set the SAP recommended JVM parameters setting for Java Stack.

Template Configurator is found in the path :
(/usr/sap/SID/SYS?global/TemplateConfig/cfgtemplategui.bat) or http://hostname:javaport/nwa ->Deploy and Change.
It is done individually for each of the instances immediately after the ABAP installation.

Is it possible to add a Java Stack alone, without ABAP in a ABAP+JAVA installation scenario. ?
In an ABAP+JAVA stack combined (java add-on to ABAP stack) installation, it is not possible to install java stack (individually, without ABAP stack) in any instance or in any host. So any additional instance of Java Stack can only be installed as an add-on to a fresh ABAP stack .i.e. both have to be installed together. For scaling up java stack a further server process can be added, BUT ABAP stack alone, without JAVA Add-on, can be installed.
A new Server process can be added by Logging into “ConfigTool” "Current Instance" -> Select the Option “Server” -> “Add”

Difference in 6.40 and 7.00 installation steps.
In 7.0 we have to choose a particular installable component during initial steps based on the Client requirement (installation scenario). ie. If the client’s requirement is of installing EP, the nEP alone will be selected for installation. Since EP requires only NW Java Stack, it will install only Java Stack with EP component. Further it will combine CI and DB installation in one step, while 6.40 had two separate steps for CI and DB installation. In ABAP+JAVA Stack installation, In NW 7.0 it will automatically create three clients 000, 066 and 001 and java stack will be automatically added to 001 client. While in 6.40 ABAP will be installed first then a fresh client has to be created and then JAVA stack is installed as an add-on to the fresh client.

Kindly note that In 7.0 after installation if the Client to which Java Stack is added as an add-on, has to be changed, then it is possible by making a few changes. The changes can be made by using Visual Administrator to change the Client Number.

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Dale Sean said...

Thanks for your sharing.
I wanted to install standalone SAP NW Gateway 2.0 for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.
Can you please help me with required documentation for installation of SAP NW Gateway 2.0 on Windows Server 2008 R2 along with the exact SWPM release which needs to be used for the installation.
I did installed with SWPM by using option as per attached screen shot. Please let me know whether this was a right procedure for NW Gateway Installation or I need to follow something else. After installation I have checked at SAP MMC and found all the processes running. But I am not aware how to access the NW Gateway. Please guide me as I am little new to this area.
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