Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Patch SAP J2ee Stack

1. Read the release notes of packages and do the home work (very Important)
2. Download the Support Packs from the SAP Market Place
2.a. CTRLSAPDBnn_0-20000nnn.SAR
2.b. J2EERTnn_0-20000nnn.SAR
2.c. J2EERTOSnn_0-20000nnn.SAR
2.d. SAPINSTnn_0-20000nnn.SAR
2.e. SAPCAR (optional, but necessary because what you have might not be the latest)
3. Create a Temporary File System, and
4. Extract SAPINST* and CTRL* SAR Files
5. Extract OS Independent (J2EERTnn_0-20000nnn.SAR) and apply First and then extract the OS Dependent Files and apply. The Order is important.
6. J2ee Engine patching would either be required to be done by sapinst or by SDM or JSPM tools. The details will be mentioned in the release notes.
7. First patch the Central Instance, when you run the sapinst
a. The patching should be done first for the Central Instance
i. The Option “Import Support Package nn”, when you run the sapinst.

b. Only then patch the Dialog instance
1. Choose the option “Support Package nn – Dialog Instance Update”

6 Restart the j2ee engine.
7 Check the status from the URL http://hostname:javaport/ -> “System Information”

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