Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to register CCMS Agent (SAPCCMSR) on JAVA stack for it to be monitored in the ABAP STACK?

How to connect SAP Java to CEN system on the ABAP Stack
Where Java Stacks ends the data to ABAP Stack to be monitored in the CEN CCMS system, while in NWA data from ABAP Stack and goes to the Java Stack, it is there in the NW2004s (NW7.0). The SAPCCMSR are installed and registered in the JAVA Stack, this agents pushes the data to the CEN or into the Solution Manager. This program reads the data from shared memory of the JAVA Stack, where the data is populated by the J2EE engine. It is similar to the program SAPCCM4X in ABAP Stack.

Tx Code RZ21
1. Creating CSMREG User

2. Creating start file for CSMCONF Agent

3. Register the Username and Password in Visual Administrator
For Dispatcher -> Services -> Monitoring

4. Then Click on the register button.

5. If Visual Administrator fails to register the gent, the manually do it by using command at the bottom of the below picture.

6. Then check in the ABAP Stack, Tx. Code RZ21 (J2ee -> Engines) the node will appear.

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