Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Patch SAP JAVA Applications

This is deployed using the tools SDM. (/usr/sap/SID/instance/program/ The default password for the SDM tool is “sdm”. In Offline Deployment, the Java instance has to be stopped before SDM is started while in online deployment it can be deployed online.

Sometimes the files come with the extension just rename the file as (or sda) and then deploy.

JAVA Application Server sometimes requires SAPINST tool to apply the patches, Then
1. Stop all instances of SAP except the CI
2. Deactivate all server process except one (server0 should alone be active)
3. Make the instance in SAFE mode from Config Tool.
4. Start Patching using the sapinst tool, possibly by keeping the instance in SAFE Mode.
5. Start Patching the Java application in CI.
6. Start Patching applications for other server nodes.

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