Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to add company logo on SAP Logon screen

Hi All,

Steps to add company's LOGO

Transaction code - SMW0

Select Binary data for WebRFC application

press Enter

Click Execute

Click Settings -> Maintain MIME types

Click the Create button

Fill in :- TYPE : image/gif EXTENSION : .GIF

Click Save

Click Back to the Binary data for WebRFC

Click Create
Fill in :- Obj. name : zlogo.gif
Description : Company Logo

Click Import and specify the filename where your
GIF file is located.File type is BIN. Finish press the
Transfer button.
If successful, your logo will be shown in the Binary data for WebRFC.

Now run Transaction code SM30 - Table/View - SSM_CUST
Click Maintain
Click New Entries
Name Value to be set
START_IMAGE zlogo.gif

Logoff and Login again

Now you can see the Logo...


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