Monday, July 25, 2011

Oracle Metalink access for SAP customers

Do you know that Oracle has an Online Support System like OSS which is called Metalink?
Direct Oracle Customers (SAP Customers  who bought Oracle DB License from Oracle, not from SAP) can access this portal. But what about SAP Customers who bought Oracle License from SAP?
I decided to write this tip, as I see that most of Basis Guys don't know that they are able to access Metalink.
Since 2004, SAP customers who uses Oracle as RDBMS can access this portal with the user provided by SAP.
SAP OSS Note 758563: "Oracle Metalink access for SAP customers" gives the valid users and passwords for Metalink Access. You have to supply a valid Service Marketplace user to display this note.
Sorry that I cannot share this info here for legal reasons.
Note is updated, as some customers tries to delete/lock or change password for these users Smile


Mike said...

Enjoying reading! Nice post! I was really not aware of that Oracle has an Online Support System like OSS. Its very helpful post for me. Thanks!
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Александр said...

It's really cool. But SAP customers does not have access to Oracle Metalink according to some security reasons from May 2011.
SAP Note 758563 - Oracle Metalink access:

Because Oracle does not allow generic users for metalink access anymore for any customer due to security reasons, the metalink users SAP customers used in the past (see below) are not working any longer. SAP and Oracle are currently working on a solution. Further details will be announced in this note immediately when available.

Shruti Ramalingam said...

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