Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is TSK files ?

These TSK files are pure text files and contain an entry for each action in the form:

with = T, D, P, I, V (that is, table structure, data,primary key, index, view)
= C, I, E (that is, Create, Import, Export),
= xeq, ok, err
When started for the first time, R3load reads a TSK file completely, closes the file, renames it in a TSK.bck (for example, SAPSDIC.TSK.bck) and opens the TSK file for writing. After each executed action an entry is written with the corresponding status.

If all actions are processed, or if the unprocessed actions could be written back to the TSK file after an error, the TSK.bck file is deleted. If R3load also finds a TSK.bck file in addition to a TSK file during start-up, it terminates immediately with a corresponding error message, as this either means that an R3load process is running and is processing this request, or that a serious error has already occurred (possibly with a core dump) that may not be eliminated during the restart, but requires user intervention (for example, a full file system, corrupt files after hard disk crash) When the error has been eliminated you must merge the TSK file and the TSK.bck file prior to or during the restart of the R3load.

There are several options available to do this:

o Manual: The TSK file contains current entries for all objects that have been processed. The bck file contains entries for all objects, however, the status may be outdated. When you merge the two files, the entries missing in the TSK file must be manually transferred from the bck file. You must then rename the bck file.

o Call R3load with the additional option '-merge_bck' (in this case, all missing entries are set to the status 'err'). This consolidates the TSK file and the bck file and the R3load for the export or
import is started. If the R3load processes are started by the MigrationMonitor, you can configure the additional R3load option in the *_monitor_cmd.properties file.

o As of a certain patch level in Release 6.40, the R3load contains the option '-merge_only'. If you call the R3load with the option '-merge_only , only the TSK file and the bck file are
merged, but the export or import is not started. You can use the option 'R3load -h' to check whether the R3load contains the option '-merge_only'.

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