Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to generate SAP Solution Manager Key

Hi All,
To Generate Solution Manager Key Execute T-code SMSY in Solution Manager system, you need to do the following steps:

1)Create a system by right clicking on System entry and select Create new system.
2)Enter the System Name i.e., SID (3 chars)
3)Product = SAP ECC (select from the list)
4)Product Version= ECC 5.0 (select from the list)
5)Save the entries.
6)Select Menu Item "System--->Other Configuration" and enter the SID which you have created earlier.
7)Enter the Server Name(hostname)
8)Finally click on Generate "Installation/Upgrade Key Button "
The system generates a Key ,copy that Key and paste it in the SAPINST screen when it prompts for Sol man Key.


upgrade sap 6.0 said...

hello! thanks for the explanation, its really hard to get started on those things.

Shruti Ramalingam said...

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Seo Jeevanthi said...

Solution Manager 7.2 is now based on Netweaver 7.4 (at last…) and is no longer a Dual-Stack system.SAP released recently SP4 for Solution Manager 7.2, which is mainly a Corrective SP. SAP Focused Insights is organized in three levels (Operation, Governance and Strategic)
and packaged as Dashboards Models.

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