Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to send Message to Specific user on SAP

Some-times we need to send a specific message to specific user in SAP which is not possible by using SM02..SO here is the trick to do it :

Use function module TH_POPUP
goto Transaction code SE37 enter the function module name & test run it
the the resulting screen is shown below, type the details and execute.
The user must be logged into the system to receive the message


oracle ebs said...

This post describe very basic feature of SAP that is how to send message to specific user on SAP. I read the post and just I applied the method and messaged to one of my friend. The given method is now tried and tested. You can also try to implement.

Shruti Ramalingam said...

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Ravi Kp said...

thanks for great information.