Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oracle 10g Patch Installation

Here I am sharing the steps i follow to patchset Oracle from to and activate Oracle enterprise manager.
1) Activate OEM in SAP
emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create
Then Provide info as it ask
emctl start dbconsolethen point your browser at http://Srevr_name:5500/em
Note :386413 enterprise manager configuration oracle
592393 – FAQ: Oracle
355770 – Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control
105047 – Support for Oracle functions in the SAP environmt
2) Note 871096 – Oracle Database 10g: Patch sets/patches for 10.2.0
Note 839187 – Oracle Database 10g: Patch set installation
Note 509314 – Downloading Oracle patches from SAP Service MarketplaceNote
839182 – Oracle database 10g: OPatchNote 1137346 – Oracle Database 10g: Patches for Release
3) Download Patchset From Service Market Place
509314 – Downloading Oracle patches from SAP Service Marketplace====IMP
Sap Provide Patch in .bin format (Here i waste My full Day)
To get the original zip-file back, use the following commmands for:
UNIX cat aa.bin ab.bin … >> .zip
Windows copy aa.bin /B + ab.bin /B + … .zip
4) Now run runinstaller for Patchset before that shutdown DB and all services
5) Post Upgrade Steps:Database upgrade from Release -> When you upgrade a database from Oracle Release to, you need to adapt the Oracle Dictionary to the new Oracle version during postprocessing. In this case, catupgrd.sql must run in accordance with the defaults described in the patch set documentation.dbua -silent -dbname $ORACLE_SID -oracleHome $ORACLE_HOME -sysDBAUserName sys -sysDBAPassword bandhan6 -recompile_invalid_objects true
@/oracle/SID/102_64/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sqlemca -upgrade db
6) Apply Opatch isplaying the OPatch version
% opatch version
Displaying the online help% opatch -help
Displaying the online help for a certain command% opatch -help= apply, rollback, lsinventory, util
Displaying the Oracle inventory (see below)% opatch lsinventory [-all][-detail]
Installing a patch (see below)
% opatch apply
Uninstalling a patch (see below)
% opatch rollback -id

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