Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to install SAP Library

1) Copy the SAP Library DVD on SAP system.

2) Share the ..\htmlhelp\helpdata directory with the name of SAPHelp

3) Execute the Transaction SR13

4) Click on HtmlHelpFile Tab

5) Click on New Entries

6) Enter the Data in Corresponding column
variant....Sap library
area .....IWBhelp
7) Create your own requests with any Description.

8) Save & exit

9) Go to Help Menu. Setting?application help

10) Chose IWBehlp and click on Choose Area then select setting variant and from the menu select the SAP Library.

Now its over To use it you can go to Help and then Application help/SAP Library

Enjoy But In Case it ddid'nt work Follow Me:

Go to Regedit in windowNT

Navigate to HKLM/Software/Microsft/HTMLHelp/1.x/ItssRestrictions
1) Create New Dword Value with name "MaxAllowedZone" and value "4"
2) Create New Key value with name "UrlAllowList" and value "\\Server IP\saphelp"

Now Restart The system and check .If still have Probelm, Follow SAP as in Note:857216


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